Friday January 22

Persian Rice with Dried Cherries

While watching Martha Stewart’s show from yesterday (which I usually DVR and watch at my convenience) I saw this beautiful rice dish. It looked quite a challenge, but I had most of the ingredients, so decided to make it today! I just had to pick up a couple of potatoes and a bunch of cilantro at the grocery store.

persian-riceOn the show Martha did not use the duck confit, she made a strictly vegetarian dish, as I did at home. I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, and I could have cut the meat into pieces and added them, but I decided to serve the chicken on the side.

Well it was a fun recipe, but not a terrific recipe, a good experience to try. I think you need more potatoes than she calls for (1 pound or 2 potatoes) to make the triple layer of sliced potatoes on the bottom of the pan. A non-stick skillet of the correct size is also essential. I cooked the dish five to 10 minutes extra to ensure the potatoes were well browned, as they were. You also need a serving plate that is bigger than your skillet, and even then, you must very carefully flip the skillet over, or the rice goes a bit everywhere! I also think I would use more cliantro, seems like on the show she used more than 1 cup as it says in the recipe. I used a double layer of regular cheesecloth, and it worked quite well.

Not sure I would make this again, but a fun project!